Dear your highness,

Basserel is a kingdom in your state of mind,
with steps that you embrace in a daily basis towards your destiny. Each step
represents an achievement, no matter the results obtained from it, as long as
you stand up with the very best of yourselves.

The characters on the stairs
represent us “The destined ones” embracing our royal manners mindset, taking
step by step into our journeys towards our destiny. This is more than just a
dream or a desire, because we aren’t all destined to be… 

 That’s why we always try our best to represent us towards
different dress codes in a mix of sport, urban and casual. Our sport clothes
representing the hard work and discipline towards our destiny, meanwhile our
urban and casual clothes represent the rewards and achievements acquired during
the steps taken.

 Persevere towards your destiny, but be

Yours sincerely ,